Eating,eating and eating

Hi, here's Natsuki from Qbeh.
Recently, some of our staff (including me) started DIET MISSION.
We really really love to eat but we really really don't want to be chubby. (Please don't say to me it's too late)
The period of this mission is one month. 14th November to 14th December.
And there is a little penalty for who cannot lose the weight in the end.

Almost two weeks has been past weight is still quiet. It doesn't say anything. Just stay still...
You know why? Because I'm not doing anything to lose my weight.
And my lovely coworkers are also doing nothing.
Just eating, eating and eating.

Well...What I want to say today is I enjoyed eating pizza and yakiniku with my friends last week.
Never mind, I cannot stop eating as long as delicious things exist in this world.

Let's see who is gonna get a penalty.