Hang around near home in Kyoto

Hi Mitsu from Q-beh.

It's getting warmer these days and good to go out. 
I see many people are coming to Kyoto to enjoy spring seasonal events and nature such as plum trees and cherry blossom.
I do not prefer crowds, so I usually avoid to stop by famous sightseeing places.
Shorenin temple is one of the famous sightseeing place and sure that a lot of people know or hear name once before.
To be honest, I really wanted to visit there , but I didn't because its too close around 5-10min by car from home and thought I can visit there anytime.
At this time,I just made up mind and went there.
Actually, it was more than I expected.
There are beautiful garden, picture, observation area to enjoy scenery of Kyoto city...
If you have an opportunity and interest in it, I recommend to visit there.

Gate of Shorenin temple:


Glass tea house:


Cats are relaxed...