Jaoanese movie recommendation when you need distranction

May started, and I somehow feel melancholy this is what I believe is called Gogatubyo (May sickness).

I told about this to my French fiend, and he stared at me like i said something weird.

Anyways, as  I wanted to be distracted from this weird feeling and somehow concentrate on something, I decided to watch this 4 hour Japanese film.

It's titled "Love Exposure" (Ainomukidashi 愛のむきだし) by Sono Shion.

It's got such a weird plot, and mixture of many symbolic themes (family relations, sexuality, fetishism, religion. belief, cult etc), and that's basically why the story becomes so long (well that's what I think it is).

It's about a boy whose family religion is catholic.
Ever since his mother told him to find your own "Malia" just before she passed away, he was in search of his own and grown up to be a super good boy who can't do anything evil.
But when his father who is a Catholic Chrch Father, 's girlfriend left, he suddenly became very dark and starts to make him confess whatever sin he's done in a day, and the time for confession became the only time they spend together.

As he is a super good boy who can't kill a single bug, he came up with an idea to create sins to confess to his father just to keep them connected.

Can you guess what he starts to do?
He started to do peeping photos!!!

This is just the beginning, but if this appeals you, you are already in!
And weirdest fact is that this is based on true story.
At least you can get 4 hours fun distraction from whatever:D