Wedding in Hawaii

The middle of April, I went to Hawaii for one of my brother’s wedding. (my brothers are twin)
I was thinking why did they choose Hawaii? Why not Singapore? Why? Why?
But after I arrived to Hawaii and walked around the city, I found many similar point between Singapore and Hawaii.
The weather (it’s more humid in Singapore though) and the flora were very similar so I was under the impression that I was in Singapore.
But night time in Hawaii was colder. It’s way colder than I thought. I regretted that I didn’t bring my jacket.

The wedding day was rainy.
It was sunny during the photo shooting at the beach but it became rainy suddenly when we arrived to the church. 
My brother chose to do a family wedding so there were only my family and family from brother’s wife.  
It was a small wedding so the middle size church was empty more than a half. But everyone’s happiness and nervousness covered empty space.
Everyone had different feelings, I imagined. For my mother and father, they looked their sun proudly. My the other brother felt loneliness. My brother’s family worried about her daughter.
Me, I was much did it take for this wedding…!? Nah, I’m just joking. 
I was a little bit confused because I didn’t think my brother could get married. He was like unreliable brother for me. But I hope that my brother and his wife have a really good life together for long long time.