Nagasaki Trip

This is Wakana from Kyoto Hana Hostel.

As all of you who has seen the title most probably though that I've already been to Nagasaki, but you should know upfront I actually have NOT YET.

I'm planning to visit Nagasaki in about 10 days.
And one of my aims there is to visit Gunkanjima 軍艦島 which 007 fans would know from "Skyfall" (although they didn't actually shoot there).

The official name is Hashima 端島, but as its shape looks like a battle ship it's nickname became Gunkan(battleship)jima(island).

「007 軍艦島」の画像検索結果「007 japan island skyfall」の画像検索結果
Coral was found under the sea at 1810, and Mitsubishi Co. bought this island to get coral to sell and built this island into one big city that coral miners and their family could live on and work. They say they had everything except grave yards.
They even had cinemas!! (and brothels ).
When oil was slowly taking place of coral as fuel, coral mine had to be closed and the last islander left the island on 1974. 
Since then, the island has been uninhibited.

You're getting interested, right!?

Now, tourists can also visit there. And several companies offer a visit even inside depending on the weather. I'll tell you some companies and characteristics so hope the information will help you!

1: Gunkanjima Cruise Co.

*Crusing ship doesn't have roof
*Guide is very knowledgeable
*3900 yen for an adult

2: The Gunkanjima Concierge Company

*Nice and comfy ship
*higher chance on landing the island
*A bit pricey
*Ex-islander will be the guide
*4300 yen for an adult

3: Yamasa Shipping Marbella

*Nice, comfy and big ship
*It goes around the island 360 degrees
*Most expensive of all
*Guide could be a bit unsatisfying
*4500 yen for an adult

4: Seaman Company

*Website is all in JPN
*Guide is ex-islander
*second cheapest
*3900 yen

「007 japan island skyfall」の画像検索結果

Be careful of Silva!!!
He might still be on the island and attack you...