My Favorite Gyoza Restaurant in Gion Kyoto

It’s going to be end of August...How have you been?

There are a lot of Gyoza restaurants in Kyoto. It’s getting increasing more and more these days.
It always good to have them with cold drink like beer, whisky soda, chuhai and such. 

Near Q-beh, I went to one of Gyoza restaurants.
This restaurant’s name is Senmonten. It is like joke in Japanese. Actually, it is not 専門店, but it is 泉門天. They are different Kanji. I don’t mention about these too much. Please check it by yourself...haha.

Anyway, I went there. This place has very simple menu. Gyoza, Japanese pickles, rice and drinks.
They are mainly and almost only deal with Gyoza as meal.
They must have confidence about taste of Gyoza and indeed, they are delicious. Outside skin is crisp and inside is so juicy. The size is little size, so it is easy to eat.
Once you start to eat, you cannot stop it.

Do you have any your favorite Gyoza place?
If you have interest in this place, please stop by and try them=)