Fukuoka says good bye to the warm weather!!!

With a series of Events helping people enjoy the last of a nice out door weather!!

Before the cold sets in, I was lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful projection festivals as part of the Asia Fukuoka Festival.
I also celebrated the last of the beautiful weather by enjoying ''YAKI RAMEN'' at a delicious Nagahama Yatai.
For those who don't know Nagahama is a fishing district near the harbor. Nagahama's Yatai are especially special because they survive on locals and not tourists like Hakata and Tenjin. 
Although its a fishing spot, the staff were awesome and welcoming. I dined on the delicious YAKI RAMEN and YAKI MENTAIKO.
All washed down with delicious fresh beer!!! 

Sayonara summer and autumn!!! 
And Hello oden.