Every city's soup has its own taste

Ozoni soup is one of the most popular New Year dishes in Japan. Eating the very chewy and elastic rice cake with soup, we wish for good luck through the year.

Ozoni soup was made from seaweed, dried bonito, dried small sardines and so on. Some are seasoned with miso and some with azuki beans. There is even a soup with fermented soybeans, natto. Depending on the region, the taste is varied. 70 percent of ozoni soups are a clear sumashi-jiru and about 10 percent are white miso soup, which is served mainly in Kansai area. For example, ozoni soup in my hometown in Fukuoka area is chicken or yellowtail soup. 

And There are two type shape of rice cake, rectangle and round shape.
It'll be fun to find out about the differences in taste, ingredients and the shape of rice cakes depending on the region.