My Favourite Japanese Style Restaurant for Lunch in Kawaramachi Kyoto

Hello, here's Hitomi from Kyoto Gion Ryokan Q-beh.

I would like to introduce a good restaurant I found recently.

I went to a Japanese style restaurant called "Negi-ya Heikichi" in Ichinose town about 2-3 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi station.
The restaurant that refurbished a "Kyo-machiya" along the Takasegawa liver is cozy and quaint.

You can get free refills for rice and miso soup, and feel free to add green onion "Kujo-negi" for everything you ordered.
It's great for leek lovers.

This time I had a set meal "Grated yam paste with Yuba" of the best recommended menu.
It's only 1,080JPY with pickles, two kinds of condiment and four small bowels.
Grated yam paste already has taste, but you can enjoy different taste if you put in the condiments or "Kujo-negi".
And finally I put egg yolk on rice, it was amazing!

Please stop by here when you visit in Kyoto.