Day off in Nara Umami Hill Park

Autumn season has come.
How are you doing these days?
Its getting colder and colder morning and night.
I feel I wish if I could stay longer in my bed...haha.

I went to Umami hill park with my family.
Its in Nara prefecture.
I didnt know that there is such a huge and beautiful park.
So many flowers are bloomed with vivid colors.
Color of leaves of trees are turned into yellow and brown color.
I was just in the perfect atmosphere of autumn!

There were crowded with a lot of people due to weekend.
However, I could spend the time there relaxing and peaceful.

There are also few ancient tombs inside of the park.
You can enjoy nature and historical parts there.
In sunny day, please visit there with lunchbox.
You will feel and find Autumn there=)