Hi, here's Natsuki from Qbeh.

I went to Nagano for my 3days off last month.
First, I stayed in Matsumoto and went up to the Matsumoto castle. It was my first time to go inside the castle so I was so excited and my heart was beating very fast. doki doki
Next place was Lake Kamisuwa. Unexpectedly, couple of my father's friend is living there for their retired life so I met them and had a wonderful dinner :)
The lake was not so clean as I expected but walking around it was so relaxing.
After that I took JR Koumi line which was the main event for this trip.
The train runs beside the Yatsugatake mountains and it has a big window for each seats so we can enjoy the big nature!
It took couple of hours to get to Nagano central city by the train so I hurt my back and knees. I should have stood up and stretched myself sometime..I was too busy to enjoy the view (and sleeping).
For the last day, I arrived at Nagano central city. The highlight there was Nagano Dentetsu! It was really really old train line. I'm pretty sure that I will never forget the sound of train leaving the station. Sounds like...screaming, roaring... so scary..