Recommend songs Vol.1

Hi, this is Natsuki from Qbeh.

I hear the sound of Spring coming closer to Kyoto step by step. I can't wait to take off my Winter coat!!

Well...Today I'd like to recommend you my favourite Japanese songs.
Actually, I am a big fan of Kpop but...not for today.

"Akaki iro no kinmokusei" by Fujifabric
(A reddish yellow coloured of Fragrant olive)
This is one of my best song in my life so far.
What I like the most is its nostalgic melody.
I think it's best match with an evening scene.
The vocalist, Shimura-san is not in this world anymore but his unique and nostalgic voice make me comfortable forever.

"My generation" by YUI
Here is one of the lyric.
"制服 脱ぎ捨てた 16のアタシに 負けたくはないから"
(I don't want to lose to me who 
took off the school uniform as 16yo)
It means she dropped out her high school when she was 16yo and she started to prepare for her dream to be a singer.
I was really shocked when I heard that this lyric is linked with YUI's real experience.
I haven't thought about dropping out the school to make my dream comes true.
In the first place, I didn't have any dream like that!!

"Sanpunkan nikki" by 19(Juke)
(Three minutes diary)
This is the first song that I played as a band club member in secondary school. I was a guitarist and sometime bassist in the club.
Playing as a band was me and my friend's (who was a drummer) dream from primary school so this is really really memorable song for us.

Songs available on Apple Music!!haha

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