Why don't you go sightseeing in Osaka??

There are roughly 5 types of sightseeing areas in Osaka.
We call them Kita, Minami, Shinsekai, Bayside area, Kyobashi Tsuruhashi district.

Each feature of the towns

Kita: is ”stylish town”.A lot of skyscrapers stand in a row,There are stylish cafes, restaurants, and bars. You can drink and have local food here too.
If you are fond of night view, you might want to go to Umeda Sky Building.
You can look around Osaka city at the top of it.

Minami: is the district which has flashy signs and many kinds of delicious food.
Most tourists visit here and have some food, drink and take photos.
If you would like to feel like how Osaka is, you might want to go to Minami. Here is the very Osaka.
You can have great Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu. All of these are in this area.

Shinsekai: has the Eiffel Tower of Osaka called Tsutenkaku.
There is the god in the district called “Billiken”.
He is quite a famous god.
If you tickle his sole and make a wish, it’s said that the wish will be fulfilled.
There is the highest building in Japan called Abeno Harukas.
You can look around Osaka city at the top of it too.
Besides, Tennouji zoo is near the tower.
Family can enjoy too.

Osaka bayside district: As you might already know, Universal Studio Japan(USJ) is in the district.
Couple, family, by yourself, anyone can have a fun.
And the aquarium, Kaiyukan and ferris wheel in there.

Kyobashi Tsuruhashi district: This district has Osaka castel, Tenjinbashisuji street, Korean town,etc.
If you like Japanese history or see nature while walking, Osaka castle is suited for you.
In spring and fall,you can see Osaka castle with sakura and red leaves.
There are a lot of exclusive Japanese BBQ restaurants and Korean town in Tsuruhashi.

Which district do you wanna visit??
We are going to introduce them more specifically from now on.

Thank you.