fun night!

Hi from Fukuoka!
This is Shoko desu!

Last Thursday I took a trip to Meinohama beach (very famous beach in Fukuoka) to cheer the Soft Bank Hawks.

And I got there early to see the pregame entertainment.

When you go, you have a choice of where to sit and I sat in the 1,000yen cheap seats. They are behind centre field so the players are not close but the loudest, genkiest and also lovely fans sit there so the atmosphere is maybe the best in the stadium.
The game was pretty good with the promise of post game fireworks if the hawks won on top of opening the roof a good intensive for us to cheer extra hard!
Sadly I was regretting not sneaking a few cans of beer in the bottom of my bag as most fans do to avoid the 800yen bar price!!

If you fancy to watch the game, just make sure you take the evidence with you. If you don't know about baseball in Japan, there are some things that will help you!

*Fans perform a song and dance for each player
*At the end of 7th inning, fans send off balloons to lift their team(200yen at the stadium)
*If the home team is loosing, Darth Vader and some storm troopers take a dance girl hostage and only return her if they are leading in the 6 inning.

I really recommend a Hawks game if you have a chance! It is an experience you will definitely remember!!

Hope you have a lovely day :D